Peso Pluma’s Spiderman-pendant $520,000 chain stolen amid fan frenzy

Surging popularity proves a double-edged sword for Peso Pluma as cherished possession is taken in a public encounter.

Mexican singer Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Peso Pluma, is currently enjoying incredible success after his songs have taken Spotify by storm in recent months and his most recent collaboration with Argentine producer Bizarrap.

The 24-year-old artist has become so popular that wherever he goes, he is surrounded by many fans waiting for an autograph or a photo with the ‘Ella baila sola’ singer.

However, being so surrounded by his fans took its toll on Peso Pluma because an expensive chain was stolen in the last few hours while he was in a crowd of fans.

In the last few hours, several videos have been trending on social networks showing the moment the Mexican singer exposes that one of his expensive chains was stolen while surrounded by a group of fans in a plaza.

According to several videos, a person had managed to get through the security barrier protecting ‘Doble P’ to tear off one of the luxurious chains the singer usually carries with him everywhere he goes.

When she felt her necklace ripped off, she turned everywhere in search of her accessory and pointed out the alleged perpetrator of the robbery.

In one of the clips, you can see when the singer of ‘AMG’ tells his security team that a guy wearing a cap is the one who stole his jewelry.

Some internet users have pointed out that there is no need to make such a fuss about the theft of the 24-year-old artist because he can afford another one. In contrast, other users on networks commented that perhaps it is an object with a sentimental value for him.

Although it is unknown which of the chains was stolen, it is speculated that it could be his Spider-Man charm chain valued at approximately 520 thousand dollars.