Peter is joined in the Atlantic by Tropical Storm Rose

Peter is joined in the Atlantic by Tropical Storm Rose

Neither storm is expected to be dangerous to the United States.

Photo: National Hurricane Center (NHC) / Courtesy

Tropical storm Peter, which formed early this Sunday near the Lesser Antilles, was added today at the eastern end of the Atlantic basin Rose, in which it has been a fairly active season.

As reported in a bulletin by the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Peter remains with maximum sustained winds of 75 km / h and possibly weaken slightly when it passes north of the Leeward Islands early next week.

The storm is moving at 28 km / h heading west-northwest, and in your planned route does not pose a direct risk to coastal areas.

However, the meteorological center, based in Miami, suggested to the authorities of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands (Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda) monitor the development of this storm.

Peter, which is located 560 km east of the Leeward Islands, can produce as much as three inches of rain this Sunday in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and parts of the north of the Leeward Islands, where a strong swell can also be registered.

Nor does this year’s seventeenth tropical storm pose a threat to coastal areas., Rose, which is located 595 km west of the southern tip of the African islands of Cape Verde.

The storm, which has not merited the issuance of alerts or warnings for coastal areas, has maximum sustained winds of 65 km / h and is moving in a north-northwest direction at 26 kilometers per hour.

Rose could strengthen even through Sunday and Monday, then gradually weaken beginning Tuesday and as it moves across the mid-Atlantic, according to the NHC.

So far this year there have been six hurricanes in the Atlantic basin, Elsa, Grace, Henri, Ida, Larry and Nicholas, of which Grace, Ida and Larry reached the highest category, 3 or more.

The last of them, Nicholas, made landfall this week in the east of the Matagorda Peninsula, in Texas (USA), but quickly weakened to a tropical storm not without dumping heavy rains in that state, Louisiana and other parts of the southeastern United States.

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