Phil Collins to be questioned under oath about his alleged poor personal hygiene

Phil collins.

Photo: PAUL BERGEN / AFP / Getty Images

Next december Phil collins will offer a filmed statement as part of the legal dispute that he maintains with his old wife Orianne Bates, whom he married twice: in 1999 and in 2015.

The couple is confronted by a Florida mansion that Orianne maintains is his due as part of a verbal agreement that they both would have reached after their second wedding, according to which Phil would put half of the house in his name in exchange for his resignation. the rights to other real estate that they had shared during the first stage of their love affair.

So far nothing is out of the ordinary in the divorce process of a celebrity.

The problem is that it is expected that Bates’ attorneys question him about the statements she has made about the 70-year-old singer, accusing him of abusing alcohol and prescription drugs during their time together.

He also assured that he didn’t brush his teeth for months, he stopped bathing and became “depressed, abusive and unable to have sex” due to his addictions.

Collins is expected to make his statement sometime after the end of his concert tour and his legal representatives have anticipated the uproar they will undoubtedly cause. questions about your hygiene habits claiming that the comments of his ex, with whom he has two children, are “scandalous, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated”, in addition to being “totally irrelevant” in the dispute over the house.

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