Philadelphia boy nearly lost a leg after being attacked by a crocodile in Cancun

The boy was playing “hide and seek” when he felt how the crocodile bit his leg.

Photo: Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

A 12-year-old boy was attacked by a 13-foot crocodile at the Club Med Cancun resort in Mexico in June; for the first time he spoke with a medium, “Good Morning America”, where he shared his experience.

Charlie Buhl, the boy who was attacked by the reptile, had to be helped by a group of people, since the crocodile was “very strong”, according to commented in the interview.

His family had to extend their trip for four more weeks, after little Charlie had to undergo various procedures after the crocodile attack.

He is now back at his home in Philadelphia as he continues his recovery.

“There was nothing I could do. (The crocodile) could do whatever he wanted, “Charlie told” GMA. ”

Charlie Buhl recounted his experience with a crocodile in Cancun.

How did the crocodile attack happen?

Charlie was playing “hide and seek” during family vacations when he hid on some stairs near a pond; Moments later, he said he felt something “grab onto his leg.” “It felt like someone was digging their nails into my leg,” she added.

Nearby guests and Hotel employees at Club Med rushed to help Charlie as he fought the crocodileor.

“The workers helped get me out, and they were stinging the crocodile’s eyes and placing a blue pillow on its head. And it finally came loose, ”Charlie said.

Charlie was treated at a local hospital where doctors initially thought they would need to amputate his leg, but they were able to avoid it and he is now able to walk and run.

Also, Jennifer, the boy’s mother, said the complex is covering all of his medical bills.

“I think Club Med has acted very honorably and really responsibly. They immediately closed the area, put a guard there 24/7, put up signs, lights, “said Jennifer Buhl.

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