Philadelphia on sixth place in the USA for dog-sized rats. The increasing number present Leishmaniasis risks

United States – A recent study published by Orkin, a pest and pest company, was shared last week on their website and cited by Telemundo. According to the report, Philadelphia ranked #6 out of 50 U.S. cities as having the most rats in 2022.

This means there are more rodents than last year since it was ranked #7.

In the information provided by the mentioned media, an interview with Oswaldo Quintero, fumigator of Jigsaw Fumigations, was presented, who stated that he suspected that Philadelphia would be among the ten cities with the most mice in the United States.

Oswaldo Quintero said, “Many people have called from businesses, homes, and offices all over complaining about an increase in rat and mice activity.

People are usually annoyed by mice because they are ugly and hairy and see them as unpleasant animals, so many have a phobia of them.

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Likewise, the fumigator Quintero explained, “The urine of rats and mice can kill people by Leishmaniasis… But they can also damage products, walls, houses, and electricity to the point of causing fires“.

Similarly, Orkin said in a statement, “During the pandemic, the presence of rodents in cities increased, causing concern for homeowners and retailers alike.”

Chihuahuas have a height of almost 5 inches, while a common rat can reach more than 6, not considering the tail, but the comparison is limited to certain types of dogs.