Photo: Alex Rodriguez flirts with women and Jennifer Lopez fans are glad he left him

There was a lot to talk about on the 52nd birthday of Jennifer Lopez, in it she showed off her great body in a bikini and finally published a fiery kiss with Ben affleck. After that and a very romantic day aboard a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, where in addition Ben affleck was caught touching the tail of Jennifer Lopez, as expected and worthy of a heartbreaker, his ex Alex Rodriguez caused a commotion when he was allegedly seen flirting with several women on board a yacht and near the same place where you are Jennifer Lopez. The singer’s fans were glad that she left him.

Showing off the great body that is spent, Jennifer Lopez‘s ex, Alex Rodriguez was seen aboard a yacht and in the company of some women are presumed acquaintances of him. Others, apparently, were simply on the dock and the former player only smiled and exchanged brief words, according to the eye of the paaparazzi who managed to capture him. After the fans and followers of JLO saw these images, social networks exploded and comments could be read in different news accounts, where the athlete was singled out as a womanizer and they even thanked that Jennifer Lopez would have left him.

Alex Rodriguez aboard a luxury yacht and flirting with women.
Alex Rodriguez aboard a luxury yacht and flirting with women / Grosby Group.

All the women who were around they looked very beautiful and with very good bodies, but let’s be clear, they never have the body of Jennifer Lopez. Precisely now, the singer revealed her exact meal plan, her exercise routine and has ensured that this is the best secret to look so radiant and with that great body already past 50. There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez It is the envy of many young girls.

As for the love between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck it was precisely his best friend, Matt Damon who spoke loud and clear about the reconciliation of Bennifer. The actor also said that he was very happy for his friend, that he deserved the best and that he was very happy for both of them.

While, Jennifer and Ben they keep looking for mansions for The Angels, where in addition Jennifer Lopez She presumes her rear in different outfits and even perches on a ladder and he, because he is simply in charge of giving her tokens of love even in the cars to avoid being so obvious with the paparazzi and making her feel like the happiest woman on the planet. If you don’t believe this, then take a look at some of the photos of the couple to see that there is a great connection between this pair.

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