Photo of Pitbull with hair goes viral, is it true or false?


Photo: Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

Last Tuesday night social networks were flooded with the singer’s name Pitbull, making it a global trend in a matter of hours and this was thanks to a series of images in which the Puerto Rican is allegedly seen with a look that left the world open-mouthed: long hair and a prominent beard. For this reason, people began to question whether the photos that circulate on the internet are false or if the famous person really welcomed a new image. Do not worry! Here we tell you.

The songwriter and music producer has been known for rocking his bald head for most of his artistic career, so when some supposed images of his new look emerged, people went crazy and there was no lack of divided opinions about it.

However, thousands of Internet users filled him with compliments and congratulated him for betting on a look that suits him more than well: “You look gorgeous”, “Who would have thought it, Pitbull with hair”, “I never imagined seeing a pitbull with hair, I just need to see The Rock and ah Vin Diesel” and “Beautiful as it is” are some of the responses that the viral image got.

In addition to the compliments, there was no lack of users who preferred to share their opinion through the classic memes in which he was compared with other great characters, not only musical, but also from the screens.

But, despite the hype that caused Pitbull’s alleged look change, the excitement of his followers was cut short after it was revealed that the postcards were totally fake and the Puerto Rican maintains his bald characteristic.

Although the famous 40-year-old did not comment directly on the matter, he did publish a series of photographs on Instagram with which made it clear that he is not going to ditch his iconic look.

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