Photos and videos behind the scene: Vogue Spain and Italy cover features Rosalía in a once-sleeve bodysuit

Rosalía has once again made an impact on social networks, now with a photograph in which she shows off her figure in a tight black one-sleeved bodysuit and holds a red dress. The image is part of a whole session for Vogue magazine in its Spanish and Italian editions.

Thus, in those publications, the Spanish singer can be seen in different outfits, such as a transparent top that covers her silver bra, a long black leather coat, high boots, and dark stockings. She also highlighted a message: “For many, 2022 will be remembered as the year Motomami. And only one person is to blame: Rosalia”.

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On their respective Instagram accounts, the magazines shared videos showing Rosalia’s preparation for the photos, being very patient during the makeup and hairstyling process. After seeing the results, she was so happy that she even pretended to sing using a brush as a microphone.