Photos confirm that Johnny Depp would have an open relationship with Joelle Rich

Johnny Depp would be dating the English lawyer Joelle Richwho was in charge of defending him in the United Kingdom against the lawsuit that the actor filed against “The Sun” for defamation, new details about their romance have come to the surface.

It seems that the relationship between Johnny Depp and his lawyer It’s not as recent as you thinkWell, they have been secretly seeing each other for a few months in some hotels or restaurants.

It seems that despite how happy Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich look together, it seems that the couple is not taking things so seriously, since they have decided not to have an exclusive relationship, so neither of them is forced to be faithful.

Joelle Rich was recently divorced

Joelle Rich The couple would have an open relationship

It should be noted that Joelle Rich was married until recently, but recently began divorce proceedings, and it is expected that she will soon reach an agreement with her ex-husband for the guardianship and custody of their two children.

Rich and Johnny would have started dating when the actor’s defamation case against ‘The Sun’ was being carried out in the United Kingdom. She was part of the group of lawyers defending the Hollywood heartthrob in London, but she was not his legal representative in the United States when Depp faced Amber Heard in court.


The couple would have an open relationship

The couple would have an open relationship

It should be noted that the couple is getting to know each other and dating, but at the moment they do not want to make their relationship official nor do they want to see each other exclusively. Because a few days ago Johnny Depp was captured in a very affectionate way with a woman in France.

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