Photos: El Cuate, alleged Los Chapitos operator, is murdered in front of his wife and son

Juvencio Raúl Lara Romero alias el Cuate – Photo: El Diario Narco / Courtesy

Juvencio Raúl Lara Romero alias “El Cuate,” alleged drug trafficker and operator of Los Chapitos, sons of Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán, of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), was assassinated in the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado.

The Municipal Public Safety Directorate of San Luis Río Colorado, reported an armed assault resulting in a lifeless male.

Juvencio Raúl Lara Romero alias el Cuate.

The events occurred between the streets the Amapolas B and 9th Street, south of the border city of San Luis Río Colorado.

The victim was left on a burgundy-colored wagon-type vehicle, which had several gunshot wounds.

The victim was identified as Juvencio Raúl Lara Romero aka El Cuate, alleged operator of Los Chapitos.

To mention an information that circle the social networks, El Cuate was allegedly executed by a subject called Max, Los Salazar’s hit man.

His wife and son were at the scene during the armed attack against Cuate. They were unharmed, but they had to witness the alledged execution.