Photos: Fans discover Peso Pluma’s soccer ties to Chivas before his musical success

Peso Pluma pivots from soccer aspirations to achieve a Latin Grammy nomination, sparking intrigue with old photos and soccer affiliations.

Peso Pluma’s rise to stardom in the world of “corridos tumbados” music has been nothing short of meteoric. This success recently culminated in a nomination for the Latin Grammy 2023 in the category of Best Regional Mexican Song. However, before the music world took notice of him, Peso Pluma had aspirations of a very different kind: making a name for himself in professional soccer.

Hassan Emilio Kabande, known to fans as Peso Pluma, reminisced about his early days with the basic forces of the Guadalajara club. He had dreams of making his professional debut with Chivas in Liga MX. During this time, he even shared the field with José Juan Macías, who is now a striker for Rebaño.

But the allure of music proved too strong. Choosing to pivot from his soccer aspirations, Peso Pluma embarked on a musical journey, birthing a new trend in regional Mexican music.

Peso Pluma’s soccer days

This is what Peso Pluma looked like when he was a Chivas player (Twitter/ @Gaspar_Sparco)
This is what Peso Pluma looked like when he was a Chivas player (Twitter/ @Gaspar_Sparco)

Fans were recently treated to a glimpse of the singer’s soccer days. Photos of a young Hassan Emilio, donning the Chivas jersey, surfaced on social media. While the origins of these images remain a mystery, they quickly became a sensation, garnering widespread attention.

Though it’s challenging to pin down his exact age in these photos, a discernible difference in his appearance is evident, particularly his distinct hair, which contrasts sharply with his now-iconic mullet. This transformation led some to question the authenticity of the photographs, but Peso Pluma’s recounting of his time with the Rebaño Sagrado in various interviews confirmed their veracity.

Interestingly, only two of these images were shared publicly. One showcases a close-up of Peso Pluma’s face from a group photo, while the other captures him skillfully maneuvering the soccer ball during a practice session.

Yet, these revelations weren’t without controversy. Peso Pluma’s vocal support for the Atlas club, Chivas’ local rival, sparked debates. Fans pondered why he didn’t align with the lower leagues of La Academia, given his apparent allegiance.

Trading cleats for microphones

Peso Pluma played in the Rebaño Sagrado's youth academy (Twitter/ @History_LigaMX)
Peso Pluma played in the Rebaño Sagrado’s youth academy (Twitter/ @History_LigaMX)

So, what changed the course of Peso Pluma’s life? During a candid conversation on the podcast Disfrutando el viaje, he shed light on his shift from soccer to music. Despite his deep-rooted passion for soccer, a lack of discipline during his formative years at Verde Valle pulled him away.

“My dream was always to be a soccer player and we fell here by fate. When I was in high school I didn’t give it a try […] In Verde Valle, I trained with José Juan. Ask him, I played right midfield, I was a runner, but it was worth it to me, I didn’t go to training and you know how that is,” he revealed.

While the world may never witness Peso Pluma’s soccer prowess on a grand stage, his impact on the music scene is undeniable, a testament to the unpredictability and beauty of life’s journey.