Photos: Gloria Trevi’s children in 2023

Gloria Trevi faces controversies with Sergio Andrade, becomes a mother, and endures the mystery surrounding daughter Ana Dalay's passing.

Gloria Trevi’s life and career have been surrounded by much controversy for working with Sergio Andrade, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual abuse when they were minors. The singer, born on February 15, 1968, in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, has learned to overcome adversity alongside her family and fans.

Amid the scandal, Gloria Trevi became a mother at 31 and had three children with two different men, one of them her current husband.

How many children did Gloria Trevi have?

Ángel Gabriel, hijo de Gloria Trevi
Angel Gabriel, son of Gloria Trevi

Ana Dalay: On April 10, 1999, Gloria gave birth to her first daughter, Ana Dalay. The girl was procreated with Sergio Andrade, her partner at the time. In November of the same year, a few months after her birth and for unknown reasons, the child died in a hospital in Brazil.

Ángel Gabriel: Ángel Gabriel, born on February 18, 2002, is the second child that the interpreter of “5 Minutos” had with Andrade. The little boy was born while Trevi was in prison, serving a sentence for kidnapping and child abuse.

Ángel Gabriel, hijo de Gloria Trevi
Angel Gabriel, son of Gloria Trevi

Miguel Armando: Gloria’s third and last son is Miguel Armando, born on August 10, 2005, in McAllen, Texas. Miguel is the son of attorney Armando Gómez, Trevi’s current partner, whom she married on October 22, 2009. When Gloria married Armando, the lawyer gave his last name to Angel Gabriel.

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What happened to Gloria Trevi’s daughter Ana?

Gloria Trevi y su hija Ana Dalay.
Gloria Trevi and her daughter Ana Dalay.

It is a question that, to this day, Gloria Trevi claims not to have a clear answer. The baby supposedly died of crib death, a tragic event in a small apartment where the singer and the producer lived, along with other clan girls.

In a recent interview with Spanish journalist Risto Mejíde, the singer shared what she believes happened to her daughter: “I didn’t even realize when they took my daughter when I talked to the person the guy (referring to Sergio Andrade) asked to take my daughter, she told me: ‘I took her to a hospital, they did her death certificate, she told me she had died of crib death.”

Likewise, Gloria Trevi spoke about the deception regarding the burial of her daughter Ana Dalay since she was told that she had been buried in a Christian place. However, authorities of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, found the baby’s little body in a sewage canal in the municipality of Jacarepagua.

“She told me (apparently Mary Boquitas) that she had buried her in a Christian place and was going to take me.”