Photos: Hell night, gunmen kill entire family

Family Executed in Oaxaca, Mexico; it is the third similar attack in a month.

Photo: @GHOSTDEVIIL / Courtesy

Night of hell that was lived in the state of oaxacasouth of Mexico, where a group of assassins killed an entire family. The gunslingers They broke into his house and shot two women, a man and a three-year-old girl. This is the third attack in which one family is executed in the last three weeks, in a indigenous community. The prosecution opened an investigation, but so far there is no arrested.

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It should be noted that three other people were seriously injured; including two women who were taken to a hospital, where doctors report them in serious condition. The police reinforced security at the clinic to protect the injured and prevent them from being attacked again.

Reason for the massacres?

There is concern, already on February 3 a family, made up of three women, was also murdered in their home. The day before, another attack was recorded, an armed commando riddled a mother and her twins at her home. The police found the bodies with traces of torture.

Arturo Peimbert Calvo, attorney general of Oaxacaspoke about these attacks during an interview in a local media, said that the homicides are being investigated, but there are suspicions that it is a question of revenge between drug traffickers who are fighting for the plaza for the drug sales.

“It has to do with the fact that a criminal cell who operated in Juchitanwhich was dedicated to the sale of synthetic drugs. That cell was divided into three gangs that are now vying for control.”

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