Photos: Hitmen shoot a doctor; shot more than 14 times

Dr. Mónica Arriaga Arroyo of the IMMS shot in Cuautla

Photo: Captura nets doctor / Courtesy

The Dr. Mónica Arriaga Arroyo, director of the Institute Mexican Social Security (IMSS) in the municipality of Cuautla in the state of Morelos she was attacked by hit men when she arrived at her home.

Due to the attack, she reported stomach injuries for which she was transferred to a hospital where she is reported stable.

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According to the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office, the doctor arrived home aboard a truck and when she tried to enter her home she was intercepted by a group of armed men who were traveling in a car and on a motorcycle.

Almost in a coordinated manner, they shot at Monica, 45, who was left at the scene with injuries to her abdomen.

According to the first investigation data, he was shot at least 14 times and then the attackers fled.

Neighbors and relatives of Mónica called the authorities and medical services, so the doctor was immediately transferred to a hospital where she was operated on. He is reported stable and in recovery in intensive care.

For their part, the security authorities reported that a police deployment was carried out in the area of ​​the events but the arrest of any of the hitmen was not reported.

Meanwhile, the Special Prosecutor’s Office for the Investigation and Prosecution of the Crime of Femicide started an investigation folder for the attack against the doctor.

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