Photos: Mariana Rodríguez gives birth to Mariel, Samuel García’s daughter

In the early hours of this Friday, the long-awaited daughter of the governor of Nuevo León arrived, who announced it with the dissemination on Instagram of the moments before and after the birth.

Through a photograph published together on the social network, the leader of Movimiento Ciudadano, dressed in blue operating room clothes, and the mother lying down and in a gown while holding the baby who, according to the report, came into the world at 3:52 a.m. today at the Zambrano Hellion Hospital, can be seen.

After sharing her first pregnancy photos in September, Mariana Rodriguez felt the first contractions on Thursday night. The couple posted on social networks the whole process, including Whatsapp screenshots in which doctor Manuel Garcia gave them indications.

In her Instagram stories, moments before the birth, Mariana posts a video in which she is in the hospital bed while saying, “The day has arrived. are you ready?” and her husband appears to the side with a gesture of happy concern, and responds with an affirmative gesture.

The text reads, “I started with contractions and already at 3 cm. dilated.”

In another story, it is revealed that they initially wanted to name the baby Lluvia, and Samuel tells Mariana that, believe it or not, she sparks outside.

Throughout the procedure, Rodríguez Cantú, recognized for her facet as an influencer, remained in story transmissions.

“They already put me under a little bit of anesthesia,” she says, half dozing to the camera, with Samuel at her side. In another, the Governor is lying on an armchair, in shirtsleeves, and says he is without dinner. In the text, he says he is 9.5 centimeters dilated.

Then there are two photographs showing them holding the baby’s pink hand, and then the Governor, already with her, holding her happily in his arms.

This is what Mariel looks like: