Photos: Meet the luxurious new home of Jessica Alves, the Human Barbie that used to be Ken

Brazilian Jessica Alves, who is considered an authentic Human Barbie, recently showed off her new and luxurious home in the city of Sao Paulo, in her native country..

Through a series of photographs, published through Instagram Stories, this 38-year-old celebrity took us to know even the most intimate corner of your cozy home.

“Welcome to my new home”, were the words that this woman wrote that was born under the name of Rodrigo Alves, but that he has invested a large sum of money in his makeover and sex.

His property, from what we could see in the images, is country-style, its facade is white and its roof is tile.

His residence is surrounded by lush, tall trees (Jessica Alves / Instagram)

It has an outdoor kitchen in the garden area, which is made up of a kind of stone oven, so it would not be surprising if Jessica prepares some delicious pizzas there.

This is what the terrace area of ​​Jessica Alves’ home looks like (Jessica Alves / Instagram)

Likewise, it showed, thanks to a photo taken from the second floor, the area of ​​the room, which at the time of the image was still unfurnished and the move without unpacking.

Asdí shows off his home stay in Brazil (Jessica Alves / Instagram)

Outside there is a swimming pool, which she has already filled with water with the help of a pipe, leaving it more than ready for when the heat of Sao Paulo forces her to take a dip to cool off.

The famous Human Barbie, who is originally from Brazil, showed off with her followers some images of her new home in Sao Paulo
In this pool is where Jessica will wear her bikini (Jessica Alves / Instagram)

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