PHOTOS: Narco novias, before and after their multiple cosmetic surgeries

The Mitzy or Mitzi. Photos Narco girlfriend thus received gifts from alleged drug lords.

Photo: Capture networks Mitzi Navarro / Courtesy

The before and after of young women allegedly related to drug traffickers of the La Unión Tepito Cartel, was exhibited on social networks.

In the images you can see Mitzi or Mitzy Navarro already Aranza Piñera women who are known for allegedly being the so-called Union brides for his relationship with bosses of that dangerous criminal group that operates in the Mexican capital. In both cases after several surgeries they look much more voluptuous.

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In the case of Mitzy, a woman who was arrested last September, on social networks, shared the luxurious gifts that allegedly Eduardo Ramírez Tiburcio, alias el Chori, one of the most wanted drug traffickers in Mexico City, for being the leader of the La Unión Tepito Cartel and other men gave him, which supposedly these subjects obtain as part of their earnings from their illicit activities in the Mexican capital.

Among the gifts that the woman would have received are a car, brand clothes, jewelry, cash, among other things.

From reports, the Mitzy o Mitzi allegedly had a relationship with Brayan Mauricio González, better known as El Pozoles, executed in September 2019 and who was a suspect in the death of a young Venezuelan identified as Kenny Fine.

For its part, Aranza Piñera He is related to Brayam Pérez who was recently arrested by the authorities of the Mexican capital for also being part of the Tepito Union Cartel.

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