Photos: New baby joy for Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy despite recent split

Amidst tour cancellations and ongoing separation, Eduin Caz relishes fatherhood, revealing gratitude and hopes for reconciliation.

Eduin Caz confirmed the birth of his third child with Daisy Anahy through social media. Although his baby was born earlier than expected, the singer shared that everyone finally welcomed him.

The vocalist of Grupo Firme posted a series of pictures inside a hospital with his son in his arms. The singer did not show his baby’s face as he kept him wrapped in blankets.

Smiling and kissing him, the singer introduced Christian Oswaldo, the third member of his family:

“Welcome my little piece of heaven. You got a little bit ahead of me, but it’s so good to have you in my arms”.

Eduin Caz
En noviembre de 2022 la pareja informó que esperaban a su tercer hijo (Instagram/@eduincaz)
In November 2022, the couple announced they were expecting their third child (Instagram/@eduincaz).

Cázares also thanked his ex-wife for the birth of their baby. “Thank you for this blessing, @anahydpg,” he wrote.

It should be recalled that the couple has been separated for a few months now, but Eduin had been keeping an eye on Daisy Anahy’s pregnancy.

Some artists who reacted to the birth of Eduin’s son were his colleagues from Grupo Firme, as well as influencers Berth-Oh, Escorpión Dorado, and Juan de Dios Pantoja. Also presenters Capi Perez, Cynthia Urias and singers El Yaki, Mane de la Parra, and Poncho Lizarraga, among others.

El nacimiento del bebé se dio en medio de la separación del cantante y la empresaria (Instagram/@eduincaz)
The baby’s birth came in the midst of the singer and businesswoman’s separation (Instagram/@eduincaz).

Since Eduin was on tour with Grupo Firme on May 17, he announced that they would cancel some concerts since his son would be born in the first days of June.

The canceled shows were on June 10 in Michoacán and June 24 in Veracruz and Cancún, which would have been on July 1.

The singer of Ya supérame asked his fans to understand the situation since he wanted to be close to his ex-wife when Christian Oswaldo was born.

Eduin Caz y Daisy anunciaron el tercer embarazo con una sesión fotográfica de toda la familia (Instagram/@eduincaz)
Eduin Caz and Daisy announced the third pregnancy with a photo shoot of the whole family (Instagram/@eduincaz).

Although they had been estranged for the past few months, Eduin and Daisy reunited in mid-May to be together during the last weeks of the pregnancy.

On May 17, they were even seen together during the baby shower, after Daisy preferred to stay away from her ex-husband’s statements and did not share photos with him.

However, a few days ago, the influencer shared how they arranged the room of their third baby and, again, did not talk about the singer.

La pareja llevaba 13 años de matrimonio (Instagram/@anahydgp)
The couple had been married for 13 years (Instagram/@anahydgp).

Eduin Caz and daisy anahy’s separation while expecting their third child.

At the Premio lo Nuestro award ceremony, Eduin Caz dedicated the six awards Grupo Firme took home to Daisy Anahy, whom he called “my ex-wife.”

His words had been a topic of discussion since three months earlier, and they had announced that they were expecting their third child.

Some Internet users criticized the singer because they thought it was a joke since they did not believe that the couple had separated in the middle of the pregnancy; however, Eduin assured that he did not need to make that kind of revelation to call the public’s attention and, besides, it was his way of seeking reconciliation.

La pareja se reunió por primera vez desde su separación (Instagram)
The couple reunited for the first time since their separation (Instagram).

In early May, the interpreter of La tóxica would have confirmed that they failed to resume their relationship when, during a concert, he mentioned that he was already divorced.

Joking with a fan who confessed that she had just divorced, he told her he was in the same situation and recommended she should not remarry to enjoy life.

For her part, Daisy Anahy has made a few statements regarding their separation. Still, during a Kenia Ontiveros event in May, she revealed that Eduin did not lose hope of patching things up and was watching her and the pregnancy.

However, she did not want to talk more about it since she was at an event that was not hers.