Photos of a 12-year-old pregnant girl’s “baby shower” appear on Facebook; her boyfriend of 24 and she posted them

Photos of a 12-year-old pregnant girl’s “baby shower” appear on Facebook;  her boyfriend of 24 and she posted them

Desiree Castañeda and Juan Miranda have been arrested.

Photo: Tulsa Police Dept. / Courtesy

Oklahoma authorities say a 24-year-old man came to a Tulsa hospital with his pregnant 12-year-old girlfriend to give birth casually, but was soon after arrested by police and charged with sexual abuse of a minor. .

The case has attracted international attention, but apparently due to the details that have emerged from the situation, Juan Miranda-Jara, the baby’s father, and the child’s mother were acting as if they were doing nothing wrong.

Miranda published on social networks photos of the “baby shower” that the minor’s family organized for her. On a Facebook wall that apparently belongs to the minor The pregnant girl with Miranda appears as a profile photo, who hugs her. In the cover photo the youngest had an ultrasound image of the baby.

In some of the images Miranda appears proud with the pregnant minor, in others she appears holding her belly smiling with a white ribbon and behind her there is an arrangement of balloons.

According to investigators, the girl’s mother was even in charge of providing them with condoms.

Mother She was arrested for having allowed the sexual abuse of her 12-year-old daughter, who gave birth to a girl.

The investigation of the case began after the minor presented to a Tulsa hospital with the father to be treated.

The youngest was about to give birth to a girl and after the baby was born the hospital called the police.

The Tulsa Police Department questioned the minor and the father. Officers determined that the family was aware of the relationship.

The baby’s father was arrested the day he arrived at the hospital with the minor. Jara was charged with sexual abuse of a minor. It should be noted that the age of consent in Oklahoma is 16..

Officers then went to look for the mother of the minor and after an interview they determined that the woman and the rest of the family allowed the relationship.

The mother of the minor was identified as Desiree Castañeda. Charges were brought against him for neglect and for allowing the sexual abuse of a minor.

During investigation Photos were found of a “baby shower” that the family organized for the minor when she was pregnant, according to the Police. In the photos the father and other family members appear.

The baby was born on July 14, according to authorities. He did it without complications and is healthy according to the Police.

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