Photos of Domelipa and her boyfriend

Domelipa is one of the great stars of social networks on Mexico at the moment, so there is great interest on the part of his fans to know all the data about his personal life such as, who is her new boyfriend?

Only in 2021, the young influencer has been linked to other social media stars such as Rod Contreras and Kevlex, but both romances were as short as they were popular with fans.

So who is Domelipa’s new boyfriend? As we reveal to you in AmericanPost.News, the current big suspect is the influencer Dekko, but Dome has not confirmed any new courtship this 2021.

TikTok of Domelipa and her current boyfriend

Among the new TikTok videos of Domelipa 2021 are some with her supposed new boyfriend, Dekko. In August of this year, the prospective couple dazzled with a fiery dance for the popular social platform.

Dome has almost 46 million followers on TiTok, where he boasts several videos with all his possible romances including Dekko, Rod Contreras and Kevlex, as well as his best adventures with other tiktokers.

How old are Domelipa and her current boyfriend?

How old are Domelipa and her current boyfriend? Domelipa and Rod Contreras

For those who do not know how old Domelipa is, the TikTok star is 20 years old, while her possible and still unconfirmed boyfriend, Dekko is 21 years old.

What happened between Domelipa and Rodrigo?

Domelipa and Rod Contreras

Domelipa and Rod broke up because the relationship progressed very fast, very soon. Dome explained how she felt it was a mistake to leave her native Monterrey to move in with her then boyfriend to Mazatlan.

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