Photos of Natanael Cano on Instagram

Nathanael Cano is the most recent sensation of Mexican regional music, and self-appointed creator of the so-called “tumbado corridos”, and with a base of fans on social networks What Instagram that grows more and more.

Cano already has 3 million followers on Instagram, who fill with flattering comments and millions of “likes” all the photos that the Mexican singer publishes on the popular social platform.

However, his passage through social networks has been turbulent as we have revealed to you in The Truth News previously. For example, just a few weeks ago, Natanel Cano fired his representative in full live broadcast.

Photos of Natanael Cano 2021

With just 76 posts on Nataneal Cano’s official Instagram account, the singer is not very active on social media, but that hasn’t stopped him from gaining more and more followers.

Cano has shared photos with friends, enjoying various luxuries such as boat trips, extravagant parties or just his day to day to stay “in touch” with his millions of fans. Check out his best photos on Instagram!

What is the real name of Natanael Cano?

The real name of Natanael Cano This is how you can contact Natanael Cano

The 20-year-old singer whose real name is Nathanael Rubén Cano Monje, debuted on the music scene in 2018 and hit the charts at age 19.

Recently, Natanael Cano assured that Mexican regional music would not be the same without him, and defended the genre of “lying corridos” that he created after criticism for its violent and sexual content.

How to contact Natanael Cano?

So you can contact Natanael Cano

According to Natanael Cano’s official website, to contact the artist’s team you can send an email to [email protected] They can also call the following numbers:

  • Los Mochis Office Telephone: (668) 8172757.
  • Monterrey phone: (811) 9066561.
  • Hermosillo Phone: (662) 398.62.56.
  • Guadalajara Phone: (333) 476.93.93.

After Natanael Cano triumphed in his presentation on the Jimmy Kimmel show, many people are interested in contacting the star for private performances and musical collaborations.

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