Photos: See what the White House Christmas decorations look like

It is a tradition that the First Lady of the United States directs the Christmas decorations of the White House

Photo: JIM WATSON / Getty Images

After the criticism received by the Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States, for the expensive price of the Christmas treeImages of what The White House finally looks like have been revealed.

The decoration of the enclosure by the First Lady of the country has already become a tradition although criticisms always come out about the money invested in this preparation.

Through the official Instagram account of Dr. Jill Biden shared several images that reveal details of the beautiful decorations she chose this year and that for the second consecutive Christmas they are related to all the health heroes who have fought against covid-19.

In the Blue Room the protagonist is a large tree that, according to the National Park ServiceIt cost $ 139,000 and was purchased from a company in Ohio.

The controversial tree is decorated with several white lights, some gold and silver colored spheres, and several white doves.

But that is not the only tree, because the White House now looks like an exhibition center for different Christmas trees of different sizes and decorated in various ways.

According to the magazine specialized in architecture and decoration, AD, the US government house has 41 trees, 10,000 ornaments, 300 candles, and 6,000 feet of ribbon.

Two trees next to the fireplace were decorated with various biden family photos and the traditional red and green colors. Some traditional boots were also hung on the fireplace.

Another of the most striking decorations are the one giant cards with cute messages. Each room in the White House is decorated with a different aesthetic which makes it a true journey through a Christmas paradise.

There is also a table with a life-size city, which includes the White House.

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