PHOTOS: The Cumbre Vieja volcano expelled a semi-precious metal this weekend

During the last few days the volcanic activity has decreased significantly.

Photo: VICTOR SVENSSON / Getty Images

Despite the fact that in recent days the activity on La Palma has decreased considerably and the casting is at its slowest stage, it continues to expel material on a daily basis. The Spanish authorities have revealed that the Cumbre Vieja ejected a semi-precious metal this Sunday.

Sometimes small volcanoes produce giants, like this olivine crystal from more recent lavas.“, The Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcán) wrote on Twitter.

Olivine is a semi-precious stone of igneous origin that is present in jewelry and it is quite common to find garments with this embedded material in the Canary Islands.

The metal has some importance for geology and mineralogy because years ago the exact origin of the mineral was not known, which has a greenish and bright tone.

In addition to the Olivino, the Cumbre Vieja has also expelled rocks such as clinopyroxene, Fe-Ti oxides and various volcanic fluids.

So far there are counted 2,083 affected people whose homes are under the lava flows of the volcano, in addition to numerous agricultural estates, businesses and other companies that were also damaged or disappeared.

In addition, there are more than 7,000 people evacuated in a preventive way from the perimeter of the volcano.

The area covered by lava reaches almost 998 hectares of land, according to the latest data from the European satellite monitoring system Copernicus, which places it at 6,686 hectares the area covered by ash.

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