PHOTOS: El Inge of the Sinaloa Cartel arrested during the seizure of fentanyl, with a value of $ 48.5 million, the largest in history

Arrest of El Inge of the Sinaloa Cartel – Photo: Government of Mexico / Courtesy

The drug trafficker Armando alias El Inge, considered the leader of a criminal group in Culiacán in the state of Sinaloa, was arrested and prosecuted after the largest Fentanyl seizure in history, with a value of $ 48.5 million, as reported by Mexican authorities on Thursday.

“The competent judge issued an order to link Armando “N” ‘El Inge’, alleged leader of a criminal cell dedicated to the production of synthetic drugs in Culiacán, as well as four of his collaborators for organized crime,” explained the Secretariat of National Defense in a message at noon.

The operation was carried out on October 28 and in which both the Army and the National Guard and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) participated.

“Derived from ministerial investigations carried out by the FGR and intelligence activities, it was possible to locate a property used as a laboratory of synthetic drugs, in which the members of the criminal cell were hiding, as well as another property used as a collection center and three more,” the statement said.

During the inspection, 118 kilograms of pasta with the characteristics of fentanyl were seized; four bags of fentanyl paste precursor chemicals and a long gun along with four short guns.

Plus 1,050 cartridges of various calibers, two vehicles, and cash equivalent to about $ 20,000.

“This seizure of pure fentanyl is considered the largest in history and would have an estimated price in the national market of 970 million pesos (about $ 48.5 million) ”, indicated the text.

It is presumed that the activity of the “new-detained consisted of the monthly production of approximately 70 kilograms of base paste for the manufacture of approximately 70 million fentanyl pills to supply the Pacific Cartel, with both national and international logistical presence” , detailed the Mexican authorities.