Photos: They riddle four suspected drug traffickers in a double armed attack

They gunned down four suspected drug traffickers in a double armed attack; the shootings They also left four others with serious injuries in Sonora, a border state between Mexico and the United States. Images of the shooting circulate on social networks showing the bodies on the asphalt and inside vans bathed in blood and with more than 50 bullet wounds. According to the first police reports, this case is a settling of scores between members of the organized crime.

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The first attack left two men dead and another injured, who were surprised by the bullets of an armed commando and were unable to repel the aggressors.

In the second case, a man and a woman died aboard a white Sienna van, and another was injured aboard a red Focus car, inside which a gun was found. Authorities also seized another handgun and a long gun in a Toyota.

By the way, a couple also suffered injuries that take more than 15 days to heal, according to medical reports from the hospital where they were transferred for treatment. The local Prosecutor’s Office has already opened an investigation folder.

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