PHOTOS: Who is Alica Schmidt, the “sexiest athlete in the world”

Despite having more than two million followers on her Instagram account, the young woman Alica schmidt ensures that sport is their priority. His specialty: the 400-meter race. Y who is this young woman qualified as the “sexiest athlete in the world” who generously shares photos and videos on his social networks?

Alica Megan Schmidt was born in 1998 in Worms, a small German town with a winemaking tradition on the banks of the river Rhine. From a very young age, she moved with her family to Ingolstadt, in the Bavarian region, a larger city that is located only 43 miles from Munich. It was there where his taste for sports and his training began.

After moving to Potsdam, a city near Berlin, he completed a year of voluntary social work at the Brandenburg Athletics Association. It was at this time that Australian magazine Busted Coverage named her “Sexiest Athlete” in 2018, at 20 years of age. But her natural beauty and sensuality are not the only attributes of this athlete, as she has represented Germany in different athletics competitions and at the U-20 and U-23 European Championships in 2017 and 2019.

At 22, Schmidt was ready to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and seek her first international medal in the women’s 4x400m mixed relay, but your team was disqualified. However, the young athlete could still compete in the women’s 4 × 400 meter relay next Friday.

And despite her beauty and her great effort in athletics, not everything is honey on flakes for this athlete, because a few months ago she suffered an injury that almost left her out of the competition. “After my ligament tear and some muscle problems I am very grateful to be able to run again”, He assured in one of his photos.

In her Instagram account, the athlete sponsored by Puma has illustrated her life in the Olympic Village, where she assures that the food is delicious and the training is quite demanding: to stay in shape, practice seven to eight sessions a week that last between two and three hours each. “I am so grateful and at the same time so excited to experience something that I have dreamed of since I started my career,” she wrote in one of her posts on Instagram.

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