Pilar Montenegro “will never return” to Garibaldi or to the artistic medium

(Photo: Instagram/@garibaldilive)

It was last December when Garibaldi reappeared on stage with his original lineup. After several years of absence, the band made up of Sergio Mayer, Paty Manterola, Charly López, Katia and Luisa Fernanda returned to make an appearance before thousands of music fans.

It was in this way that Garibaldi appeared as a surprise artist in the 90s Pop Tour concert with songs like Que te la pongo and La ventanita, songs with which the band triumphed in the mid-1990s.

Although it is not known if the band will continue to give presentations, they did make known their interest in capturing the details of Garibaldi’s history in a biographical series, but everything indicates that one of the original founders of the band, Pilar Montenegro, will not participate. even more so in any project related to his group or to the artistic medium.

It has been a statement by Luisa Fernanda for the program Sale el sol where it was clear that the remembered singer will not step on stage again:

Let’s see how far we can negotiate with each of the members, what each one wants to tell and what they don’t want to tell, because the joke is that we tell everything.

“I am telling you that from the beginning, Pilar is not going to be there, Pilar is retired. Pilar has no intention of ever returning, she is not interested in knowing anything about the show business, the press, the media in general, she does not want to know anything at all, “he said in an interview with various media outlets.

The Garibaldi member mentioned that despite the insistence of the public to be able to see Pilar again, neither she nor her bandmates will insist on making her change her mind:

“That will really have to be negotiated by the producer or the director, or whoever they are going to be, but I really don’t think so, because she doesn’t want to, that is, she doesn’t want to, it has been controversial for people to understand that we cannot force to someone who does not want to be, “he mentioned.

In addition to Pilar, another original member of Garibaldi was Xavier Ortiz, who lived through the band’s years of international success, and although he unfortunately passed away in 2020, he will be present in the group’s series as anecdotes:

“I think we should do it, right? We would look like fools if we don’t, obviously we have to tell anecdotes, some things for example about his personal life, because we don’t know them because he was married to a girl who had nothing to do with us , that is, we know them and we have a lot of respect for them, “said the singer.