Piqué was furious after confrontation with Shakira and her lawyers

Yesterday afternoon Pique quoted Shakira in the central building of his law firm to deal with issues related to their separation and of course the legal custody of their two children.

According to Spanish media, the central defender of the FC Barcelona He would have left this meeting furious and avoiding by all means to come across the questions of the press.

While Shakira left the meeting smiling and to applause, the visibly upset soccer player gave a lot to talk about on social networks because of his attitude. Did he lose the legal battle?

Video shows Piqué storming out of meeting with Shakira

Video shows Piqué furious when meeting with Shakira Who are Shakira’s children?

It is said that the Colombian has been trying for several months to take her children to MiamiHowever, the FC Barcelona footballer has prevented it by all means.

For this reason, both attended a meeting with their respective lawyers to discuss this issue and according to a video circulating on networks and thanks to press statements, the big loser could have been the Spanish.

“An hour before Shaki left, Piqué left the building visibly upset and furious at the issues they discussed,” they say.

Contrary to the footballer’s attitude, the legendary singer came out to shouts and applause from her followers, who asked her to stay in Barcelona.

Judging from the pictures:

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Who are Shakira’s children?

Who are Shakira’s children?

As we previously told you in American Post Newsthe Colombian became a mother for the first time in 2013, giving birth to Milan, her eldest son.

Two years later, he was surprised to announce the birth of Sasha, who has also shown himself to be a strong fan of his mother’s talent and even assures his fans that he is the most similar to her.

Nowadays Shakira and Pique they would be close to reaching a definitive agreement for the legal custody of their children and by doing so they would be avoiding going to a long and scandalous trial.

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