Pixar Theory and Boo’s Secret of Moster Inc

If you still didn’t know about the Pixar theoryfrom we leave one of the most fascinating Twitter threads of Rafael Poulain, the Mexican who has become famous for the stories he tells on the social network, so we warn you, it will blow your mind.

Let’s start by understanding that the Pixar Theory is based on the fact that all the movies take place in the same world, but at different times, we explain to you in AmericanPost.News.

Rafael Poulain takes us to the origin of it all (note that the films have been mentioned chronologically from the perspective of the Pixar world, not the real human world viewers).

Pixar theory explained

Take about 20 minutes to go over Pixar’s theory. Artificial intelligence appears in Pixar Theory. Pixar Theory: In the Cars movies, the cars travel all over the world we know, they go to Italy, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc. Pixar’s theory raises time travel.

Let’s go back 65 million years ago, in the movie “A Great Dinosaur”, to start with the Pixar Theory since we see something very interesting, the first signs of intelligence in this case the dinosaurs, but life on earth continued as the we know and thousands of years passed.

Let’s get to the movie Brave, which takes place in Scotland in the 10th century, there the protagonist discovers that she can use magic provided by a witch, a mysterious old woman who has many curious objects in her store, we also see her appearing and disappearing through of magic doors

Valiente is the origin of the chaos that will come because in that film 2 important things happen, the first is that the animals began to behave like humans, in addition to Mérida’s mother in the film there was another human who had been transformed and had descendants, this data is important for the Pixar Theory.

In fact, in the Pixar theory it is stated that this is the probable explanation for the intelligence that animals show and why they act like humans: Because some were human.

10 centuries pass and we see that this “secret” interaction between humans and animals has evolved in such a way that there are “monsters” that can take on human form and we see how these sea creatures live in fear of humans, we see that in Luca.

In the end we discover that monsters live among humans but they don’t reveal themselves out of fear, until this point in Pixar’s theory, monsters are not a dominant species and the reason for that is because humans have also evolved and some have superpowers.

At this point there is no one who can rival the human race, this is seen in The Incredibles, where machines appear but “Syndrome”, the antagonist, jealous of the attention that people with superpowers receive, creates machines to eliminate them, but a self-awareness and tries to eliminate him.

In this part of Pixar’s theory machines start attacking humansEven thanks to machines, humans with superpowers have all but disappeared.

Continuing with the Pixar Theory

Artificial intelligence appears in Pixar Theory. Pixar Theory: In the Cars movies, the cars travel all over the world we know, they go to Italy, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc. Pixar’s theory raises time travel.

In Incredibles 1 and 2 we see how a dangerous artificial intelligence appears capable of deceiving humans, which would be behind the company “Buy N Large”, which begins to create products that have their own consciousness, even rebelling against humans. You see that in the Toy Story movies.

In fact, in the Toy Story saga (1-4) we see how some objects feel hatred for humans, so now there are emotions of animals, humans and objects.

And although in all the movies we see many references to other movies proving Pixar’s theory that everything happens in the same universe, one of the most interesting references is about the company behind the artificial intelligence, Buy N Large, in one scene we see that Buzz Lightyear is powered by Buy N Large batteries.

In “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” the intelligence that animals they have reached enough but humans ignore it, something that changes in “Ratatouille”, in 2007 in Paris, when a rat reveals its intelligence to the world and the villain of that film knows about the intelligence of animals and that it is possible to communicate with them even if we don’t understand them.

In “UP” we see that the villain Charles F. Muntz creates a device (a collar) to be able to understand what his dogs say and as the years go by in Up we meet more characters, one of them is Mr. Fredricksen, almost at the beginning the film we see that a large company wants to buy Mr. Fredricksen’s house. And they don’t guess what company it is. BUY N LARGE!!!

Buy N Large is a huge corporation that dominates the world buying other companies and something important that happens is that at the end of Up, the animals (dogs) are released with the translator collars, making Pixar’s theory more accurate.

By the way, we know that Toy Story 3 and UP take place at the same time because there is a postcard signed by Carl and Ellie (the old men from Up) in Andy’s room.

We see a lot about the emotions of machines, objects, animals and humans but we will understand those of humans better in “Inside Out”, there we will learn about memories, our 5 dominant emotions and we are told something very important… That joy is a very powerful emotion. (Remember that fact)

  • Important emotions in Pixar theory

In “Coco” we will delve deeper into the memories and something very important will be established, people really die when you stop remembering them, we see a glimpse of the other world, the same in “Soul” where we see the journey of a human soul seeking to return to earth.

all these stories happen almost at the same time and fit perfectly into the Pixar theory.

But as we learn more about humans it seems that at some point the machines make their move and without superheroes fighting for humanity but losing.

Humans have to flee in a spaceship called Axiom, controlled by the artificial intelligence of Buy N Large, which is the one that appears in Wall-E, but we will get to that, for now the machines have triumphed and remain with the earth.

Machines rule the world according to Pixar theory

Pixar Theory: In the Cars movies, the cars travel all over the world we know, they go to Italy, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc. Pixar’s theory raises time travel.

The machines are inhabiting the same world that the humans had to abandon, but now the machines already own the planet, although in Cars we see how the machines are going to lose control of the planet due to the energy crisis and the lack of fuel. which makes them “extinct”.

It is thus that the machines and humans polluted the earth to such high levels that they made it uninhabitable, there are still few machines that work with solar energy, but centuries pass and all of them stop working, all but one; WALL-E who is a curious and friendly robot who is fascinated with the human culture that left the earth 800 years ago.

Pixar’s theory is that he discovers from old movies that there was a time when humans, animals and machines lived in harmony and in peace and now only insects survive on earth, in fact we see in the friendship between the robot and his cockroach pet.

WALL-E helps humans return the earth and they sow a plant that in the credits we see become a tree, the same tree from “Bichos”, in which no human appears.

The reason is that there is hardly any, life in the earth is rising again but humans they are no longer the dominant species, in fact little by little they disappear.

As the centuries pass, the beings that inhabit the earth have mutated as in “Onward”, where we see a world full of mystical creatures and the existence of magic in the universe is mentioned again, returning to the Pixar theory.

Among Pixar’s theory is that maybe they mutated by contamination and there was a mixture of species is then that Monsters University and Monsters Inc would be the future, we also see that these hybrid beings have learned from the mistakes of the past and use sources of energy that do not pollute, they obtain that energy by traveling through some doors.

Those doors you will think that they connect to the human world but in reality these doors transported you to the past, to the time when humans abounded and dominated the earth.

Traveling to the past, the monsters have an inexhaustible source of energy, but everything changes when a girl travels to the future and the “Monsters” discover that joy is an emotion that gives them more energy. If you have paid attention to the Pixar theory, joy is an important emotion.

They are not imaginary friends, they are monsters from the future.

Pixar’s theory raises time travel.

Actually Bing Bong from Inside-Out was not just an imaginary friend, it was the memory of a monster that visited Riley when she was a child and made her laugh and also Bing Bong “dies” when she forgets him (as in Coco).

Going back to “Boo” the girl who becomes friends with Sulley, at the end of Monsters Inc, we see that she is returned to her time and in the last scene her “kitten” and her are reunited, but Sulley knows that he cannot return to see her or change the future.

Sulley never visits her in the past again, but she grows obsessed with knowing what happened to Sulley, and as she grows up she tries everything to see him again and discovers magic, remember that in this world it has already been established that magic exists and Boo considers that’s the answer.

Boo will try to use the magic of the doors to see his friend againbecause it is at the doors where she saw Sulley arrive, however a long time passes and an old Boo finally manages to travel in time but the spell goes wrong and instead of ending in the future she goes to the past, but she doesn’t know she gives in and keeps using her magical gates to get to Sulley, in fact that’s what we see her doing in Brave.

In Brave The Witch is actually Boo from Monsters Inc. therefore she appears and disappears during the film when she walks through a door and closes them behind her, there are also objects from the future in her store, and the old woman has a picture of Sulley carved in wood inside her store.

To finish the Pixar theory is that Boo has spent his life looking for his friend, traveling through time in the hope of seeing him again and it is the love and friendship between the two that holds the entire Pixar universe together. But if you want to see the Pixar theory in detail, you can read it in the Rafael Poulain’s Twitter.

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