Pizza, Mac & Cheese and Honey: the list of new ice cream flavors arriving at Walmart

Starting this Monday the shelves at Walmart will offer a limited collection of ice creams with flavors you wouldn’t expect to find: pizza, mac & cheese and honeyamong others.

It is a new ice cream product that will arrive at Walmart from next March 14USA Today reported.

the new ice cream are produced by the Van Leeuwen Ice Cream companybased in Brooklyn, New York, and its characteristic is that it has a very particular variety of flavors.

Total there are 7 limited flavors that will be available during the spring at 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide.

“We’ve created a collection of classic flavors using carefully selected ingredients, from local jam makers to wild Maine blueberries, and cookie bakers with a social mission,” said Ben Van Leeuwen, co-founder and CEO of the brand, in a statement. .

The co-founder of this curious ice cream brand said that there is “surprisingly delicious flavors you would never expect love like an ice cream”.

The list of new ice cream flavors you’ll find at Walmart

Kraft Mac & Cheese Ice Cream

It’s an ice cream made with “the iconic, sweet and buttery” Kraft brand cheese.

Planet Earth Ice Cream
It is a mixture of almonds with blue spirulina and green matcha tea cake pieces.

pizza ice cream
A combination of cream cheese and mozzarella, with tomato jam and basil crust crackers.

Hot Honey Ice Cream
It is a vanilla ice cream with honeycomb and a swirl of honey.

Royal Wedding Cake Ice Cream
It’s a combination of a floral cream cheese ice cream with lemon cake slices and layers of elderflower frosting.

Bourbon Cherry Jubilee Ice Cream
Mix of bourbon cherry compote with sweet cream.

-Cranberry Tart Ice Cream
It is a combination of wild blueberries with vanilla ice cream and pieces of cake.

The ice cream tubs will sell for $4.98 each. and are expected to remain on sale for the next 10 weeks in Walmart stores.

The brand announced that will update its list of flavors for this summer.

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