Plane crash at Puebla’s Zapotecas hill: two injured, investigation begins

Mechanical failure suspected in Puebla crash, emergency services rush to aid injured passengers as area cordoned off for investigation.

This Saturday, May 6, the crash of a small plane that fell on land near the Zapotecas hill in Puebla was recorded; at the time, the nearby residents and previous data speculated that the preliminary balance corresponded to two people who were traveling in the vehicle, while the area is under protection and cordoned off to study the causes and initiate the investigation into the case.

Call the firemen!” was one of the phrases shouted by the citizens near the affected area, who witnessed the crash of the XB-PMC plane on the Zapotecas hill; at the moment, the police, Civil Protection, and medical services are approaching the place to provide support to the affected people.

Two injured persons are treated.

This unfortunate event, considered a plane crash, was reported through social networks; several users on social networks captured the exact moment the plane landed abruptly, which apparently had mechanical failures.

In this regard, the Secretary of Citizen Security of the government of San Pedro Cholula issued a statement detailing the facts, the causes, and the number of injured people; it states that it was on Saturday morning that the facts were recorded and the emergency services of San Pedro Cholula attended the place.

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The plane caught fire.

When the facts were reported, it was indicated that it was a crash of a light aircraft located on Canal Street and the road to Calpan in San Diego Cauchayotla, in the state of Puebla; paramedics provided care to two injured people, but there were no further details about their health or the severity of the impacts and blows.

Regarding the first investigations of the facts, the communiqué states that the aircraft caught fire during the flight, so the pilot was forced to take action and perform a maneuver to descend and not perpetuate against his life and that of his companion.

It is also detailed in a said document shared through their social networks that no people were injured in the area and already on the ground; no damage or material damage to homes near the site, but for the moment, the area is guarded and waiting for the relevant expertise to be carried out.