Plant-based diet: create a new vegan probiotic drink from rice and pea proteins, a great alternative to milk

Today more and more people are betting on following a plant-based diet and one of the main adjustments that most people look for is to find new alternatives to dairy, based on this the rise of drinks made with plant-based proteins it has been impressive. However, when looking for probiotic alternatives with high protein content, the available offer is usually drinks made with animal proteins. Fortunately, food scientists at the French INRS Research Institute have been working to develop a vegan option for drinkers of high-protein probiotic drinks.

Unfortunately, most plant proteins are nutritionally inferior and have not caught the attention of consumers. Fortunately after extensive testing in INRS laboratories, the researchers found that pea and rice proteins can match the quality of animal proteins like casein, the protein found in milk. Without a doubt, great news for lovers of well-being, nutrition and sports performance. The scientists shared their discovery in a recent article that was published last week in the journal PNAS.

The first thing that is important to say: some amino acids cannot be produced by the human body, and therefore must be acquired through food. What happens is that most plant proteins do not provide the full range of essential amino acids that supply animal proteins, such as those usually found in milk. The incredible thing? By combining pea and rice proteins, the researchers were able to assemble a more complete combination of amino acids.

In addition to offer incomplete amino acid profiles, plant proteins are also often difficult to digest. According to statements by the lead author of the study Monique Lacroirx, professor at INRS, these types of amino acids are insoluble in water and less globular. This means that our digestive enzymes have a harder time breaking them downOn the other hand, the opposite happens with animal proteins, they generally take the form of elongated fibers that are easily processed by digestive enzymes. To solve this problem, the researchers added the plant proteins before the fermentation process and the results were wonderful. Lactic acid bacteria grown during fermentation helped partially digest plant proteins. The pre-digestion process produces peptides or protein fragments, which facilitate the absorption of plant proteins during digestion.

How did they develop the drink?

To create the new beverage formula, the researchers used strains of bacteria grown by the company Bio-K +, including Lactobacillus acidophilus CL1285, L. casei LBC80R, and L. rhamnosus CLR2. As an aside in the article it is mentioned that all three strains were thoroughly tested through different tests and have been used successfully in probiotic products developed by Health Canada. Additionally, the researchers noted that these probiotics and their bioavailability were not adversely affected by the protein enrichment process. It was also shown that the fermented drink has the ability to preserve the viability of probiotics during the gastrointestinal passage, thereby improving the quality of the intestinal microbiota, digestion and enhancing immune health.

Undoubtedly, these types of products arrive for improve people’s lives and health in many ways. On the one hand, it is well known that protein consumption plays an essential role in the functioning of the body, they fulfill important tasks such as repairing and renewing body tissues, strengthening muscles and bones, are satiating and benefit weight loss. They are responsible for creating hormones, enzymes and antibodies, as well as other barriers to foreign agents. Just to mention some of its benefits.

For his part probiotics have become one of the basic elements in any balanced and therapeutic diet, are essential to promote good intestinal health and strengthen the intestinal flora. There are billions of bugs that live in the intestine and that in turn play a fundamental role in health, therefore consuming a solid amount of “Good bacteria” To balance the bad ones, it is key in general health and probiotics facilitate the way. These microscopic living organisms can improve digestion, keep the immune system strong, control inflammation, benefit nutrient absorption, and even positively affect mood. Its consumption benefits constipation, enhances weight loss, is a great ally to combat depression and anxiety, in addition to considerably improve energy levels, physical and mental performance.

Without a doubt one great alternative to dairy drinks, which brings some of the most prominent benefits of animal protein consumption, in line with the plant-based trend. A magnificent finding that not only promotes good intestinal health, strengthens the immune system, is a great ally in the prevention of chronic diseases, enhances athletic performance and increases muscle mass, while taking care of the environment. Wonderful!

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