Plant-based diet: the 6 must-see accounts on Instagram to keep up to date

Plant-based diet: the 6 must-see accounts on Instagram to keep up to date

Go ahead and follow a plant-based diet with these accounts that will make your life much easier, with practical, accessible recipes inspired by the use of local ingredients.

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At this point it is undeniable to say that there are numerous reasons for choosing a plant-based diet, that is to say with abundant fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds and whole grains, they are full of nutrients! They provide a lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and bioactive compounds that contribute to health and disease prevention. The truth is that plant-based foods are whole, natural, completely free of processed and offer a great explosion per bite. Currently it is one of the most recommended trends to live better, enjoy a healthy weight, be longer and take care of the planet. And that is why incredible projects have come to light on social networks that promote this lifestyle through valuable recommendations and the most attractive recipes.

The truth is that following a plant-based diet is considered one of the best health secrets. It benefits the digestive process and intestinal health, it is characterized by being a satiating eating style that avoid overeating and potential weight gain. In addition, according to statements from the Harvard School of Public Health, fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic load (which means they are digested at a slower rate) can help prevent blood sugar spikes, which increase hunger. The list of references is long, according to a review published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition even found that a diet full of vegetables may increase the number of “good” germs in the intestine responsible for numerous health factors, including body weight and blood sugar control.

Also, many vegetables and fruits come with more than one advantage. That is, they can be very rich in vitamin C, A, and plant compounds such as carotenoids, which offer an antioxidant benefit. All the nutrients that provide play an important role in supporting the immune system. In turn, antioxidants prevent damage to the body caused by free radicals, which are the direct cause of many chronic diseases. In the long term, following a plant-based lifestyle can help reduce the risk of developing chronic health problems, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, certain types of cancer, heart disease and stroke, obesity and related conditions. mental health. Based on what has been said, we undertook the task of making a summary of 6 Incredible Instagram Accounts That Are The Best Inspiration To Start A Plant-Based Diet and take our health to another level Take note!

1. @elavegan

One of the favorites is the account of @elavegan, the main reason is that their recipes and material are the most attractive. Its creator is Michaela Vais, who has focused on sharing all kinds of delicious and colorful vegan food recipes and the most delicious dessertsAlong with her Instagram account, she also has an incredible blog: ElaVegan. Among its great qualities are its unique recipes that make it easier than ever. follow a sugar-free and gluten-free diet. As a good recommendation, try their Easy Red Lentil Dahl recipe, a great option for a rich, protein-packed weeknight dinner that’s packed with flavor and super easy to make.

2. @earthyandy

Undoubtedly, the Hawaiian lifestyle draws the attention of anyone and more thanks to the Instagram account of Andrea Hanneman, who is dedicated to sharing her lifestyle through colorful island-inspired healthy, vegan and gluten-free recipe ideas. It is undeniable to say that Hannemann is in the best shape, she is also the mother of three children and the author of Plant Over Processed. Many of their recipes are based on the use of the most iconic and exotic local ingredients, but they are also easy to find in the United States. For starters, bet on recreating their OG Acai Bowl recipe, which is full of colorful fruits like strawberries and banana slices, in addition to their unbeatable nut butter recipe, which appears in his book.

3. @unceuponapumpkin

As its name says this account is a special call for all pumpkin lovers. Its creator is Maggie Michalczyk, who is also the author of the cookbook The Great Big Pumpkin and of course has been in charge of filling her Instagram account with healthy recipes inspired by pumpkin that are as nutritious as they are tasty. Much of their secret is recipes for cozy and delicious food to make at home, like creamy pumpkin pasta sauce and other treats. It also promotes the consumption of pumpkin as a superb comforting veggie that can be eaten throughout the year, not only in its typical season which is fall. Last but not least, remember that pumpkin is one of the best sources of vitamin A, according to the USDA: ½ cup of organic pumpkin puree has over 15,000 international units – wonderful!

4. @thefirstmess

If seasonal food is your strong suit, you’ll find everything you need on Laura Wright’s Instagram account, who is inspired by toasting ideas for all kinds of healthy plant-based meals using fresh ingredients of the moment. The author of The First Mess Cookbook started her blog as a way to help anyone eat more plants and whole foods. His proposal is wonderful, you will find Many vegan entree recipes, an all-time favorite is the Creamy White Bean Soup with Kale, Rosemary, and Lemon. You will also find vegan treats As energy bites of dark chocolate and soft ginger molasses, it’s perfect for satisfying sweet cravings in the healthiest way.

5. @hotforfood

Account creator Lauren Toyota, author of Hot for Food All Day: Easy Recipes to Level Up Your Vegan Meals, promote everything that is vegan. In such a way that his Instagram account and his blog present a wide variety of vegan foods of the most comfortable, including one of his favorite recipes: qVegan nacho bone, made with potatoes and carrots A unique recipe! Inspiration for iconic recipes like vegan mac and cheese and cauliflower buffalo wings can also be found on your account. Last but not least, has an interesting proposal of vegan desserts: from vegan glazed donuts, cheesecakes, cookies and all kinds of sweet treats.

6. @sproutedkitchen

Food blogger Sara Forte encourages readers to improvise with simple recipes that she presents on her Instagram account, in such a way that cooking becomes an art and not a science. Promote the use of fresh ingredients and natural foods. Which is great since you can find all sorts of plant-based inspiration in their posts, from this Brussels sprout salad to roasted zucchini, black bean, and goat cheese enchiladas. Another plus point is that it focuses on seasonal recipes, therefore it handles all kinds of veggie-packed meal ideas from spring through winter.

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