Plastic surgeon sued for recording videos for TikTok in full operations

Dr. Daniel Aronov is a plastic surgeon from Australia that He was sanctioned because, apparently, he stopped his surgical procedures to record videos that he later uploaded to TikTok. Because of this procedure, the doctor was forbidden to do surgery again. And you can’t treat patients in office, either, except under the strict supervision of another professional.

The tiktoker side of this professional was quite successful, as he had about 13 million followers. But the content he published was not the most suitable for his profession, since the doctor, apparently, He uploaded videos in which he danced in his doctor’s outfits and in which he also performed plastic surgery procedures.

Several patients saw it on TikTok and complained to the authorities of the Australian Agency for the Regulation of Health Professionals (Ahpra, for its acronym in English).

Specifically, the fact that determined the sanction of Dr. Aronov was the complaint of one of his patients, a woman named Jackie. She assured that the doctor left her sore and with a lump on her chin, after he performed a lifting, a procedure the doctor shared on TikTok.

Speaking to the program A Current Affair, of the Australian network 9now, the woman said: “(Aronov) He is in the middle of a surgery, he stops, reviews the video they took of him and then tells someone that no, that he does not want to that. ‘Cut that out and do it again,’ ”he says.

The woman was satisfied that Ahpra did something “after years of complaints.” “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s surreal to me, ”Aronov’s patient said.

Another woman also claimed that the doctor shared his surgery on the TikTok network without permission.

Another patient, this time a man, claimed that he was left with a lump of fat in his stomach after a liposuction procedure performed by the same doctor, and that it went wrong.

“If I had known then what I know now, then I would not have let Dr. Aronov approach me,” said this patient.

In addition to sanctioning him, the Ahpra told Aronov that he had to remove the content of the surgeries from his TikTok, and that he should not upload such videos in the future. They also told him that he can only treat new patients as a family doctor, and under strict supervision.

Aronov cannot perform surgeries again, he can only treat patients as a consulting physician, and yet he must still have strict supervision by another professional.

“Public safety is our number one priority and we take all notifications and complaints seriously,” an Ahpra spokesperson told British media LadBible.

The same media reported that the sanctions against Dr. Aronov were imposed by the Australian Medical Board on November 26 of this year and have no time limit. It will remain until they are revoked by the same board.

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