Playa del Carmen police assault citizens Have they robbed you?

A complaint arose this day when a citizen of Carmen beach He narrated the moment in which he was “assaulted” by the authorities who are supposed to take care of the population, the way in which these police officers operate in this tourist center is decadent for the inhabitants.

The exclusive interview with the affected person pointed out that around 9:30 at night he decided to go to the beach of the CTM avenue who is a few steps from his house to clear up a bit of the day he had had, he was calm and without drinking any drink, to avoid misunderstandings with the authorities.

With this context, he was about to go to rest when a municipal police patrol approached and a large number of policemen approached him intimidating, before this he decided to take out his cell phone and start a transmission on his profile of Facebook where it is appreciated how they approach and present themselves indicated that they would do a review and asked if he was alone, moments later the cell phone was turned off, which until now continues to be off.

The relatives saw the video and indicated that they mobilized and it was that they contacted this media, the video was verified and they also preceded to go to Public security and the Tourist Police Module, which at that time had not registered incidents or arrests.

Playa del Carmen police abuse citizens

Playa del Carmen police assault citizens Have they robbed you?

After two hours, the victim pointed out that the police stole his cell phone and cash as soon as he explained that he lived in the neighborhood. ColosioFor this reason, the police officers searched him from head to toe and asked him to remove his clothes.

This is the way the police Solidarity It has operated behind the back of the authorities, robbing the population and making people believe that it is actually taking care of them, people feel insecure and fear the patrols more than thieves according to a survey carried out in the Colosio Colony.

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