Police abuse: an officer violently beats a young Latino in Nimitz High School in Irving, Texas

Through a video that went viral on social networks, you can see the moment in which a uniformed officer committed police abuse against a Latino teenager during a fight inside the facilities of Nimitz High School in Irving, Texas.

Given the outrage that the controversial images have unleashed, the local police are investigating the officers who assaulted the students since they were supposed to intervene to stop the conflict. Still, far from that, they physically assaulted those involved.

The police officers stated that they were forced to use force to separate the students, but they did not specify what kind of force, so the parents of those affected demanded an investigation.

Police abuse of high school student

The young man suffered several bodily injuries.

In the video posted on social networks, you can see the high school cafeteria where the intense fight took place; in one corner of the image, you can see the moment in which an officer violently throws a young Latino against a metal tray cart.

The student falls on his back, and his head bounces off the cart; as if that were not enough, the officer hits him twice, and the victim seems confused. Mark Montes, the student’s father, pointed out that grabbing the student that way choked him in the air and said that it was unnecessary to assault him.

As a result of what happened, the young man had severe headaches, so he had to be taken to the emergency room, where he was found to have cuts and bruises.

When the father confronted the officer who had committed the police brutality, the latter said in a very sad way that he had done it, “so what?

What is police abuse?

This is the abusive treatment of force by the police against a person who is being detained. This crime has been recorded even against people who have some condition.