Police frustrate raffle for Christmas basket with drugs in Spain

This Tuesday, December 21, the police of Spain reported on the arrest of two suspected drug traffickers. The subjects pretended to carry out a raffle for a Christmas basket with drugs; the rita contained cocaine, hashish, alcohol, and a leg of cured ham.

The discovery of the raffle arose when the authorities dismantled a drug “joint” in Murcia, an illegal place where it was sold and consumption was allowed. The place was run by two people, as reported in the statement from the Spanish authorities.

And it is that, last December 14 we shared you in AmericanPost.News that they dismantled a criminal organization that was linked to a Mexican cartel, since Spanish agents detected the traffickers who were based in Spain and the Netherlands.

Christmas basket raffle with drugs thwarted in Spain

They discover Christmas raffle with drugs Drugs in Spain

In the photograph that they spread on social networks, on one of the walls they found the list of clients who had paid between 5 and 10 euros to be able to participate in the raffle that was going to be held at Christmas and the other for January 6, Kings Day; the basket included tobacco and cash.

It is worth mentioning that the police confiscated 165 marijuana plants and 33 halogen lamps that are used to grow plants, in the same way they confiscated quantities of cocaine and hashish, as reported by the authorities in the statement.

What drugs are the most consumed in Spain?

Drugs in Spain

In 2020, the Addiction Attention Network (UNAD) prepared an annual report on drug addiction and consumption trends, so the most consumed substances are alcohol and cocaine; Cocaine stands out among men, followed by alcohol.

In the same way, they reported that the profile of the addict is a person between 34 and 49 years old with high school studies, is unemployed and also present polyconsumption. On the other hand, the Spanish police announced that they thwarted a Christmas Drug Basket Raffle.

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