Police in Florida surprise a teacher in the middle of sexual abuse of a student, whom he identified as his girlfriend

Photo: Hollywood Police / Courtesy

A teacher at a high school in Florida was caught in the middle of a sexual act with a girl under 17 years old, whom he introduced to police officers as his girlfriend.

Philip Vélez, 28, was arrested this Saturday for sexual assault of minors.

When agents came to her apartment in Hollywood, the man indicated that he was with his girlfriend. The suspect also He admitted to having had sex on several occasions with the teenager, according to the WPLG report.

The teenager, for her part, confessed that when the police knocked on the door, they were having a sexual act.

The forbidden affair was discovered after the girl’s father noticed that she was acting strange for the past few weeks. The family contacted the Police, after a device that was installed in the girl’s cell phone place it in the adult’s home.

Velez and the student met at a Charles W. Flanagan High School fundraiser.

The duo exchanged text messages on several occasions before meeting outside of school. The student also visited Vélez’s classroom.

The victim first visited the teacher’s apartment in late December.

Supposedly, the adult talked with the minor about the illegal nature of their relationship.

The man, who taught culinary arts classes and is a basketball coach, had been working at the high school since 2019.

He faces charges of sexual assault by an adult to a victim between the ages of 12 and 18, and for engaging in sexual conduct with a student.