Police scream in pain: they murdered his wife and daughter in Ecuador

Ecuador.- Through TikTok the video where a policeman screams in pain upon learning that his daughter and his wife were murdered.

The events occurred in GuayaquilEcuador, the video was shared by the TikTok user @viejalizz and has more than 5 million views.

In the video the man is heard screaming in pain and saying to release himafter learning that his wife and daughter have just been murdered.

A man with no reason to live is a gun without insurance“commented one user.

It should be noted that the murder occurred on June 29, west of Guayaquil. According to local media, a gunman fired seven times at the vehiclea black truck, in which they moved the wife of a policeman and his daughter of only 13 years.

The murder caused great commotion and scenes of pain on the sitesince the victims were relatives of a Dinased agent.

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If I remember correctly, he is a policeman, and for doing his job of arresting someone they took revenge doing this to him,” one user commented on the video.