Policeman Shot and Killed Outside Rosario Hospital During Failed Assassination Attempt Against Inmate

In a devastating turn of events, a policeman's life is cut short by multiple shots while his daughter watches in horror.

A police officer was tragically killed in a deadly shooting outside a hospital in Rosario, Argentina, on Tuesday night in what appears to have been a failed assassination attempt. The violent incident, captured on the hospital’s security cameras, occurred when a group of armed criminals arrived at the Provincial Hospital of Rosario to kill an inmate who was receiving treatment there.

However, their plans went awry when the attackers were confronted by the police officer, who lost his life while trying to stop them.

The chilling video footage shows the exact moment when the criminals opened fire on the policeman at the hospital entrance. After gunshots rang out inside the building, panicked people were seen fleeing the hospital in terror. Two women frantically wave down the officer to alert him of the active shooting.

As the policeman approaches to inspect, the assassins ambush him from inside. Without a chance to defend himself, he is shot multiple times at point-blank range, including in the head.

The victim suffered wounds to the chest. Photo: special.
The victim suffered wounds to the chest. Photo: special.

Inmate Targeted Was Serving 22-Year Prison Sentence

According to local reports, the criminals were there to target 29-year-old Gabriel Guillermo Lencina, an inmate who was sentenced to over 22 years in prison for a string of violent offenses. Lencina’s crimes include homicide, attempted homicide, and inciting another death. He was currently receiving medical treatment at the Provincial Hospital of Rosario under police supervision when the failed assassination attempt took place.

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It remains unclear whether the armed group intended to kill Lencina or help him escape. Regardless, their plans went awry when the officer intervened and paid with his life while upholding his duty.

Daughter Witnesses Father’s Murder

The fatally wounded policeman was rushed to a nearby hospital in cardiac arrest after being shot multiple times in the chest. Despite emergency medical efforts, he succumbed to his traumatic injuries. Heartbreakingly, the officer’s daughter witnessed her father’s murder while waiting for him nearby.

Manhunt Underway, No Arrests Yet

The ruthless attackers managed to flee the hospital on foot and escape the area following the cold-blooded killing. An intensive manhunt is now underway for the armed group, but so far, no suspects have been arrested.

The devastating incident highlights the immense risks and sacrifices police face every day to protect society. This dedicated officer gave his life defending the public from a deadly threat. Tragically, he was cruelly gunned down just for doing his duty. His bravery and selfless sacrifice will not be forgotten.