Poncho de Nigris admits that Luis Miguel is his platonic love

In a new podcast, Poncho by Nigris reveals that it is in love from Luis Miguel and that he would like to kiss her on the mouth, he even confirmed that it is his crush.

In AmericanPost.News We tell you that Poncho de Nigris shared a new episode of his podcast with his wife Marcela Mistral, where they usually address family issues and their life as a couple.

On many occasions they base their opinions on their own life experiences, a fact that often makes the mother of their children uncomfortable.

Let’s remember that Poncho de Nigris recently recommended pills for the sexual potency that he uses, impacting his followers.

Poncho de Nigris and Luis Miguel

The influencer confessed his love for the singer Luis Miguel Poncho de Nigris is characterized by giving controversial statements

In the last episode of Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Minstral’s podcast, called “En tu casa o en la mía?”, They addressed topics about Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, however there was a moment when they began to ramble. other matters, ending up talking about Luis Miguel.

Poncho de Nigris not only confessed that he is a big fan of the singer Luis Miguel, but he also admitted to love him and assured that he would like to kiss him on the mouth.

He even proposed to his wife a trio with “El Sol”, something that Marcela Mistral immediately rejected, as she affirmed that the singer is no longer so young, while her husband does not see problems at the singer’s age.

“It’s my crush,” he said. “If I see you in person I will give you a few kisses on the mouth, nothing more to say goodbye to you … Yes I am in love with you,” said Poncho.

Poncho de Nigris podcast

Poncho de Nigris is characterized by giving controversial statements

The controversial businessman and influencer Poncho de Nigris has repeatedly denied being homosexual or bisexual, however his statements to Luis Miguel have created specifications.

The also singer has been characterized by making controversial statements, which always manage to surprise his followers.

It is clear that these statements about his passion for Luis Miguel will have repercussions in public life.

Recently Poncho by Nigris premiered a new theme musical, under the name of “Agency” which is already available on its digital platforms as well as on its channel of Youtube.

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