Poncho de Nigris suffers a spectacular accident on the Monterrey highway

Through their social networks Poncho by Nigris related the accident automobile that suffered in the Monterrey race, caused by his own driver who fell asleep.

The famous Poncho de Nigris revealed that he, his companions and the driver are out of danger, but very scared.

Poncho by Nigris Instagram

The famous one related the accident he suffered on the Monterrey highway Poncho de Nigris was not with his family

In AmericanPost.News We tell you that it was in their Instagram stories that Poncho de Nigris reported that they had crashed in one of the most dangerous races in Mexico.

As a result, they hit the retaining wall, preventing passing trailers from crashing into them.

“At dawn we had an accident on the Saltillo / Mt highway, the driver fell asleep, we hit the retaining wall.”

“We are alive to a miracle with the amount of trailers that came at high speed, Thank God we are all fine,” he wrote Poncho by Nigris.

“It was just the shock and the miracle that nothing happened to us, one of the most dangerous roads in Mexico.”

He also thanked life for a new opportunity and affirmed that he still felt scared, so he would settle down to be able to assimilate the shocking moment he suffered.

Poncho de Nigris family

Poncho de Nigris was not with his family

Fans of the famous were scared for his family, however in the vehicle in which Poncho de Nigris was traveling, neither her husband nor her children were traveling.

Let’s remember that recently Poncho de Nigris and Marcela Mistral confirmed the arrival of their third baby.

Those who accompanied the famous in the vehicle were Dj Alem, Finisho and Orlando Cavazos, as well as the driver.

On the other hand, the wife of Poncho by Nigris He thanked on social networks for the support and expressions of affection that have been sent to the famous.

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