Poncho Herrera would have been unfaithful to his wife with Ana de la Reguera

Poncho herrera, the famous and sought-after ex RBD, would have been unfaithful to his wife Diana Vázquez, who several years ago stole her heart and married her; two children were born from the marriage, whose faces are unknown. According to a friend of the actor, Ana de la Reguera would have been the third in discord in marriage.

Through a statement, ‘Miguel Arango’ announced that he and his now ex-partner made the decision to take different paths and asked the press not to harass her, as she will not talk about the issue.

The private life of the also presenter was kept out of his career, and he managed to keep his family so far from the public eye that no one knew when Poncho was going to be a father for the second time.

Poncho Herrera will confirm his relationship with Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera could make her romance with Herrera official They lasted five years as husband and wife

A friend of the actor revealed to a magazine that his ex-wife, Diana, had no choice, as she realized that the father of her children was unfaithful to her with Ana de la Reguera, a famous Mexican actress who has not given any statements about it.

“Between Poncho and Diana there was no longer love or passion, their marriage fell apart.”

He also stressed that Ana demanded a divorce from the actor, as he would not accept being anyone’s lover and it was then that the former RBD decided to separate from the mother of his children.

He explained that the couple met during the recordings of the movie ‘Que viva México’ and in the locations that took place in San Luis Potosí, they had time to meet.

When did Poncho Herrera get married?

They lasted five years as husband and wife

The ceremony took place in 2016 with Diana Vázquez, a woman who is far from public life and who has maintained a private life despite the career of her now ex-husband, since very little is known about her.

Poncho Herrera and Diana separated after five years of marriage and two children, and although the alleged causes of the separation involve another beloved Mexican actress, Ana de la Reguera.

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