Pope Francis asks for “firm will” to clarify cases of sexual abuse of minors

Pope Francis faces the accusations towards the Catholic Church for the cases of sexual abuse by clergymen.

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Pope Francis said today that in the face of the “crimes” of sexual abuse committed by members of the clergy “there must be a firm will to clarify, examining individual cases to determine responsibilities “ and “do justice.”

This is how the Argentine pontiff expressed himself during the speech at the beginning of the year to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See and in which he also spoke about the importance of education.

The Catholic Church has always recognized and valued the role of education in spiritual growth, moral and social of the young generations. For this reason, it is even more painful for me to note that in various educational settings – parishes and schools – there have been abuses of minors, with serious psychological and spiritual consequences for the people who have suffered them ”, said Francisco.

And he added to the ambassadors: “They are crimes on which there must be a firm will to clarify, examining individual cases to determine the responsibilities, do justice to the victims and prevent such atrocities from being repeated in the future ”.

“Despite the seriousness of these acts, no society can renounce its responsibility to educate,” he added, lamenting that “often little resources are allocated to education in state budgets. This is seen primarily as an expense, while instead it is the best possible investment. “

On the other hand, he recalled that “the pandemic has prevented many young people from accessing educational centers, to the detriment of their personal and social development” and on many occasions these “have found refuge in virtual realities, which create very strong psychological and emotional ties, with the consequence of distancing them from others and from reality ”.

He then warned of “the urgent need to monitor so that these instruments do not replace true human relationships, at the interpersonal, family, social and international level.”

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