Pope Francis says domestic violence is “almost satanic”

During a program that was broadcast last Sunday, December 19 on the TG5 network in Italy, the Pope Francisco made a comment about the domestic violence against womenIn the same way, he was talking with three women and a man about the situation.

During the conversation, a woman asked the pontiff a question and he commented that the number of women who are mistreated and beaten in their homes, even by their husbands is very high. The Pope said the problem is that it is almost satanic, they take advantage of a person who cannot defend himself.

Last May we shared you in AmericanPost.News that the pontiff lashed out at sexist violence and remembered the victims. In the Sunday message he mentioned that this is not love and expressed that you have to appreciate the person, respect their freedom and love them.

Pope Francis spoke about domestic violence against women

The pontiff warned about violence against women One of the signs of domestic violence are insults

The CNN medium indicated that Pope Francis had already made some comments about violence on previous occasions, but now he made a stronger comment and mentioned that domestic violence is humiliating, after recalling the number of women who have been abused and beaten in their homes.

The pontiff’s warning arose due to a woman named Giovana who was a victim of domestic violence, the woman asked the Holy Father how she can regain her dignity after being violated by her husband, so Francis asked people not to attack anyone .

On the other hand, the Pope commented that it is humiliating for a father or mother to slap a child, he pointed out that of all the violence, the worst is that it shows on the face, in the same way he lamented about the cruelty towards the people on the street.

What signs of violence against women do you recognize?

One of the signs of domestic violence is name calling

They have mentioned that it may not be easy to identify domestic violence at first, so they have shared some signs that it begins subtly and worsens over time when you are insulted, when the woman is prevented from working or studying.

As well as trying to control how to spend money, the man is jealous and possessive, makes false accusations of infidelity, threatens with a weapon or violence, hits, kicks, slaps, shoves, causes harm to children or pets.

For his part, Pope Francisco He commented that domestic violence is almost satanic, he said that violence is humiliating and that the problem is that it is taking advantage of a person who cannot defend himself, only trying to block the blows.

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