Porfi Fisac’s words about the future of Santi Aldama

During the summer of 2020, once the previous season ended without an NCAA champion and it was unclear when the next season would be able to start, Santi Aldama He was training under Porfirio Fisac ​​in Gran Canaria.

The young Spanish talent, then a Loyola player, left an excellent impression on the Segovian coach who has recently been asked about the aspirations that Santi Aldama may have in the future once he has reached the NBA.

These were the words of Porfirio Fisac:

«He trained with us for a month, a little because of all the Covid-19 problem and that they had in their universities there … I think it will be a star, I have it clear. There is one thing he has and that is a love for his sport coupled with talent and when you combine that part of ambition with talent, the stars come out. Natural stars make themselves and you don’t have to create them.

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It will not depend on a player, it will not depend on a coach, it will not depend … there are stars who are. How far will it go? I don’t know if he will be a star of the NBA, he will be a star of the Euroleague, a star of … but he will be a star, that is clear to me. Hopefully they give him the opportunity, which is not easy, but the other day he went out on track in just 8 minutes, he gives you 11 points. You have to admit it. Will have its moment«.

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