Post Malone’s shirt honoring Peso Pluma during his concert at Foro Sol becomes a social media sensation

Post Malone honors Peso Pluma in Mexico City concert, sparking social media buzz. Fans speculate on their potential friendship.

New York-born rapper Post Malone took the historic stage at Foro Sol in Mexico City, delivering a performance infused with his top hits. However, his sartorial choice captured significant attention, promptly becoming a sensation on social media.

During his performance, the artist sported a tee paying tribute to a notable figure in corridos tumbados: Peso Pluma. The homage stirred quite an uproar on social media platforms, where numerous netizens shared photos and videos of the touching moment. The tribute also prompted speculation about a supposed “friendship” with Peso Pluma, which many fans endorsed with their online comments.

Quotes from ardent fans included: “Stick with someone who showcases you the way Post Malone does with Peso Pluma,” and “I’ll never get over seeing Post Malone in his Peso Pluma tee.”

An Electric Performance in Mexico City

Making his debut performance in Mexico, Post Malone entered the stage wearing a Peso Pluma tank top, the melody of violins echoing around, intensified by basses and encompassing drum beats. He kickstarted the evening with “Better Now,” his energy palpable, moving from one end to another amid fireworks and flamethrowers.

The audience reciprocated the energy, jumping in union with the rapper. But their exuberance wasn’t limited to just dancing; they showered the artist with gifts, which Posty proudly displayed. Gifts included a sunflower-shaped necklace, multiple flags of Mexico, and even a charro hat he proudly wore.

His performance intensity peaked with the song “Psycho,” where his stage movements mirrored the enthusiasm of his songs. He twisted, jumped, and kicked in the air, maintaining a tangible connection with the crowd.

Halfway through the concert, Post Malone showcased his tattoos, revealing his stances on gun rights in the US and even a nod to former President John F. Kennedy.

Yet, the concert was more than just a display of tattoos and melodies. Post Malone’s energy remained undiminished, even as “Over Now” and “Rockstar” chords played, showing off his best dance moves with a gleeful smile.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Mexico

“Muchas gracias, México,” Post Malone uttered in Spanish, the crowd echoing their appreciation. He added, “Thank you genuinely for all the support. The energy here in Mexico is amazing.”

A notable moment was when Posty balanced his microphone stand, prompting playful chants from the crowd. The tunes of “Stay” and “Feeling Whitney” played, the audience spontaneously lighting up the arena with their phones, creating a starry spectacle.

In a surprise move, a fan was invited on stage, getting the opportunity to accompany Posty with a guitar, leaving both the audience and the rapper impressed.

Towards the end, Post Malone offered words of encouragement to his fans: “Pursue your dreams, chase what you want in life. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.” He then sang “Congratulations,” a personal ode to his mother’s pride in his achievements.

Though the concert seemingly concluded, it was merely a brief hiatus. He returned for an encore, wrapping up the evening with “Broken Whiskey Glass,” “Sunflower,” and “Chemical.” Even after the show’s finale, the gracious artist spent time with fans, signing autographs and taking photos.

Post Malone’s Latin American tour, having covered Brazil, Chile, and now Mexico, is set to continue in Asia, followed by six dates in Australia.