Potato Pringles auctioned on eBay for $ 670

We all know perfectly what are the Pringles, those potato chips They come packed in a cylindrical can and that we can find them in a couple of presentations and in different flavors.

Surely every time you open a can of Pringles potatoes, you realize that they all come cut in the same way (same shape, same size), so it is really rare to find one that comes out of the mold.

Nevertheless, a person claims to have found a real “treasure” inside an original 200gr can of Pringles that expires in January 2023, since He found a potato chip that had an “extremely odd” edge due to it having an unusual fold, and has therefore decided to put it up for sale on eBay for about $ 670.

According to the owner of Potato Pringle, this detail probably stemmed from a manufacturing defect, something that seems to be extremely rare.

Anyone who is interested in buying the potato but does not have enough money to do so now, the seller has decided to grant a payment option that allows the buyer to give $ 33 per month for 2 years; however, this option would increase the cost of the Pringles to $ 745.

Purchase also includes a $ 3.50 shipping charge, from Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK.

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