PRD seeks to win the governorship in Edomex without any alliance

The Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) announced that It will not go with the Va Por México alliance, which is made up of the PRI and the PAN, in the search for the governorship of the State of Mexico. The decision was made on the last day of the XVIII National Congress.

According to the statement issued by the party, Edomex leaders have warned for weeks that the alliances to conquer the Mexican territory have not been fruitful. For this reason, they made the decision to seek governorship without any alliance in 2022 and 2023, fully trusting in their presence within that state.

The party leaders are sure to achieve victory thanks to their impact and presence within the people. The party was founded on May 5, 1989 under a left-wing political ideology.

“Fortunately we have PRD militants, women and men, with an important presence and recognition who would fully represent us, both for 2022 in the six states of the republic, and for 2023 in Coahuila and especially in the State of Mexico,” he declared. Jesus Zambrano Grijalva, current national president of the party.

Committed to the welfare of the people

It should be noted that during the work of the XVIII Ordinary National Congress, which was attended by more than 700 national delegates from the 32 entities of the country, the party president shared a message on Twitter to renewing your commitment to people’s causes and supporting the feminist movement and youth.

“It is the moment of the relaunch … We have come together to clearly immerse ourselves as a leftist social democratic party, committed to the causes of the people, a feminist party, open to young people and everything that their new needs imply, and a defender party of legality “, declared Jesus Zambrano Grijalva.

When was the PRD created?

The party was founded on May 5, 1989 under a left-wing political ideology.

According to information circulating on the Internet, the same as AmericanPost.News bring for you, the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) was founded on May 5, 1989 under a leftist political ideology and is currently considered one of the most influential parties in Mexican society.

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