Pregnant woman and her partner die when struck by lightning while sheltering from the rain

Guatemala.- A pregnant woman and her partner were struck by lightning. when they tried to shelter from the rain under a tree.

The events occurred in Senahú, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, where the couple was struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.

The tragedy occurred on the night of Thursday, September 8, in the village of Santa Cruz Mocca, Senahú.

The couple died immediately from the impact of lightning paramedics helped the couple but confirmed that they no longer had vital signs.

Relatives identified the victims as Cleotilde Maquin Tun, 34, and Raúl Cal Ical, 36.

Examining the bodies, it was discovered that the woman was five months pregnant. The Municipality of Senahú supported the family by donating two coffins for the couple.

According to the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction report, 39 people have lost their lives due to incidents derived from the rains of season 2022.

In addition to that, six people are missing and 20 injured during this rainy season.

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In Guatemala, there are 2 million 846 thousand 268 affected by the rains.